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Matteo Thun

The South Tyrolean architect and designer Matteo Thun, born in Bolzano on 17 June 1952, studied architecture at the University of Florence, graduating summa cum laude. At the Salzburg Summer Academy, he attended courses by the painter Oskar Kokoschka, and in 1980, he became a co-founder of the Memphis group. From 1983 onwards, Thun taught design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna for over a decade. In 1984, Matteo Thun founded his own studio in Milan, with offices in Shanghai.

Hotel architecture in perfect harmony with the landscape

Matteo Thun designed many everyday objects, such as coffee cups, lamps, watches and furniture – in the early 1990s, Thun was the creative director of Swatch. But he does not want to see himself as a “designer”. Thun, who has won many prestigious architectural awards, is known above all as an advocate of natural architecture and is passionate about building with wood – incorporating the surrounding nature. He likes to build according to the 3-zero concept, says Thun: “Zero kilometres” means building materials from the region, “Zero CO2” means as few emissions as possible and “Zero Waste” means no waste and sustainable recycling of raw materials.

The ultimate goal of architecture should be to make people feel comfortable and get as close as possible to nature. The architect designed the five-star Boutique Hotel on the Eden Reserve site, the four private Landmark Apartments and Villas, and the detached Villa Matteo Thun. From the beginning, he said he was impressed by the site sloping down to the lake, with its pure nature and privileged view of Lake Garda. Von Anfang habe ihn das zum See abfallende Gelände mit reiner Natur und privilegiertem Blick auf den Gardasee beeindruckt, sagte er.

“Designing healthy architecture means optimising buildings for occupant health and safety – using a mix of design strategies that measurably improve physical, social and mental health.”

Matteo Thun, Architect

Nature-oriented architecture on Lake Garda

Woven into the surroundings and unique landscape, Hotel, Apartments and Villas on Lake Garda offer a genuine feel-good atmosphere.

Gallery Matteo Thun

In search of the magic of natural architecture - Matteo Thun designed the Hotel, Apartments and one of the Villas of Eden Reserve.