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The museum in history-rich Salò, called Museo MuSa, is well worth an extended visit. The building complex on Via Brunati is colourful in orange and yellow and used to house the Church of Santa Giustina and, until 1773, a boarding school of the Somasker Order. Later, the complex was used for schooling, but now it […]

Relaxation, relieving stress, and discovering serenity are classic goals typically associated with holidays and time out. A stay at the Eden Reserve is the perfect basis for this, with relaxation pre-programmed through the charming villas – each one an architectural highlight – located in the picturesque landscape park near Gardone Riviera Sopra. Those who want […]

Bassa Via del Garda (BVG) is a truly spectacular hiking trail that helps to make the region around Lake Garda a hiking El Dorado. If you want, you can reach the BVG directly from the Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas. After a hundred, admittedly adventurous, metres north through the hills, you will meet the Bassa […]

Insider tips from the staff – Discover the most beautiful places around Lake Garda. The staff of the Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas present their favourite places around Lake Garda. In this second issue, our spa manager Giada Nodari reveals where she enjoys culinary delights and which places she finds particularly beautiful on Lake Garda. […]

A break at the Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas is a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The excellent accommodation, including the hotel and the exclusive villas on the slope above Gardone Riviera – with one of the most beautiful views of Lake Garda – ensure unrivalled relaxation. The excellent restaurant […]

Exploring Lake Garda and its very different and fascinating shoreline landscapes is a task for half a lifetime. The immediate surroundings also hold scenic, cultural and culinary sensations, with many of the most famous Italian wines coming from areas around Lake Garda, mostly to the south. It is always the triad of excellent wine, scenic […]

Discovering Lake Garda and its diverse landscapes is quite easy for singles or couples. The range of attractions is huge, with new discoveries and events every day – or the true dolce far niente at beautiful spots with fantastic lake and shoreline views. Travelling with children is usually a little more challenging, particularly as kids […]

Viewing wonderful landscapes like Lake Garda and its shores from a bird’s eye view was once an exclusive dream. Thankfully, today that dream is a reality. Map services such as Google Maps or Google Earth offer fascinating views on your computer monitor, while the great popularity of camera drones means there are countless small films […]

Many fans of Lake Garda consider the south-western shore of the lake to be the most beautiful and lively part of the Lake Garda landscape. That may be a matter of taste because beauty (and intrigue) is in the eye of the beholder, as they say; however, the enthusiasm for the southwest is understandable. It […]

For the first time, two cities are going to be sharing the title of “Italian Capital of Culture“. For 2023, Brescia and Bergamo have received the coveted title. Throughout the year, both cities will be full of cultural highlights and events. Brescia, the provincial capital of Lombardy, is only 40 Kilometers from Eden Reserve Hotel […]