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Relaxation, relieving stress, and discovering serenity are classic goals typically associated with holidays and time out. A stay at the Eden Reserve is the perfect basis for this, with relaxation pre-programmed through the charming villas – each one an architectural highlight – located in the picturesque landscape park near Gardone Riviera Sopra. Those who want […]

A break at the Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas is a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The excellent accommodation, including the hotel and the exclusive villas on the slope above Gardone Riviera – with one of the most beautiful views of Lake Garda – ensure unrivalled relaxation. The excellent restaurant […]

Discovering Lake Garda and its diverse landscapes is quite easy for singles or couples. The range of attractions is huge, with new discoveries and events every day – or the true dolce far niente at beautiful spots with fantastic lake and shoreline views. Travelling with children is usually a little more challenging, particularly as kids […]

A wealth of premium events throughout the year The region around Lake Garda is not only one of the most fascinating landscapes in Europe and a popular destination for millions of tourists, but also a European cultural area par excellence and offers an extremely varied range of cultural events and activities. These are complemented by […]

Golden harvest in Europe’s northernmost growing region In October, the olive harvest begins on Lake Garda. This is another highlight of the year that is celebrated with many events. The shores of Lake Garda, especially those of the Garda Trentino region, are considered the northernmost olive-growing areas and the eastern shore is often called the […]

Even the name has a sense of speed: the Mille Miglia, the 1,000 miles, is considered the most sensational classic car race in the world. On the 13th of June in Brescia, it will be again “Ladies & Gentlemen, start your engines!”. Are you a fan of the most beautiful machines in automotive history? Then […]

One of the highlights of the western shore of Lake Garda, indeed of the entire region around Lake Garda, is the Vittoriale degli Italiani. The sprawling estate in Gardone Riviera, just a stone’s throw from Eden Reserve, was created according to the ideas of Italian poet and folk hero Gabriele D’Annunzio (1863 – 1938), who […]