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Bassa Via del Garda (BVG) is a truly spectacular hiking trail that helps to make the region around Lake Garda a hiking El Dorado. If you want, you can reach the BVG directly from the Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas. After a hundred, admittedly adventurous, metres north through the hills, you will meet the Bassa […]

Many fans of Lake Garda consider the south-western shore of the lake to be the most beautiful and lively part of the Lake Garda landscape. That may be a matter of taste because beauty (and intrigue) is in the eye of the beholder, as they say; however, the enthusiasm for the southwest is understandable. It […]

The area around Lake Garda is hard to beat when it comes to the variety of hiking trails available. Mediterranean hilly landscapes with olive groves and vineyards, lakeside promenades in pretty towns, pre-Alpine mountains with meadows and panoramic views of the iconic landscape, and always Lake Garda in the valley, the contrasts are always best […]