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Our insider-tips for Lake Garda: Discover the most epic spots and beautiful places

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These are the Lake Garda insider tips from our Chef Marco Carasi

We are very pleased to introduce the new section in our Destination Guide: Staff Members of Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas present their favourite places around Lake Garda. We start with Chef Marco.

He shares with you where he indulges in culinary delights, and which places around Lake Garda he finds particularly beautiful. He also shares one of the dishes he enjoys cooking the most.

What do I particularly love/appreciate about the region around Lake Garda?

Borghetto sul Mincio. This is an ideal spot for spending a romantic day with yourself or together with someone you love. It is located in a quiet setting where traditional gastronomy is enhanced. This is the place where I particularly like to go hiking/walking. I love the Panoramic path from Busatte to Tempesta. It starts from the lake coming up from Torbole, and I think it is one of the most beautiful paths. It permits you to discover the beauty of our territory, gibing panoramic views of olive groves and woods (ideal for foraging) anchored to the rock.

I also cherish the Strada del Ponale: It starts from the city centre of Riva del Garda and reaches the Ledro Valley with panoramic views and trails in the forest.

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani: A truly magical place

This is the place where I can particularly relax/ this is my oasis of peace.
Il Vittoriale degli Italiani is defined as “the city within the city” due to the presence of art, green spaces and breathtaking views. For me, personally, it is a magical place. Besides discovering the past, you can also question what the future of our beloved territory may hold. Equally as beautiful is Lake Garda’s Tibetan Bridge. A panoramic trail above Torri del Benaco sees a walk immersed in the uncontaminated green forest for a guaranteed peace of sense.

I also recommend Isola dei Conigli in Manerba del Garda. Famous for the presence of wild rabbits, it is now reachable on foot and is characterized by green meadows, cypresses and a 360-degree view of the lake.

This is the bar where I prefer to meet up with my friends.
Fam (Desenzano del Garda). A very contemporary and fashionable place where you can go from a simple aperitif to after dinner.

Tip from the chef: Enjoy products around Lake Garda

This is my absolute insider tip.
My advice to everyone is to go back to the origins and genuineness of the local area. Let yourself be guided to the discovery of products and small realities such as oil, cheese, game meat, and wines that you can only find here. All are available within a few kilometres, and our commitment as chefs is to enhance and promote every single aspect with a very attentive eye to sustainability.

Besides his favourite locations around Lake Garda, Chef Marco also shares with us one of his delicious recipes:

Recipe tip from Marco Carasi: Lobster raviolo, pecorino and veal jus


Lobster bisque
– 1 lobster (shells)
-1 carrots
-1 fennel
– 1 heart of celery
– ½ purple aubergine
– 1 white onion
– 1 glass of orange liqueur

Fresh homemade pasta
– 330 g Flour 00
– 170 g Re-milled semolina flour
– Ground semolina flour again
– 350 g pasteurized egg yolk

Stuffing the ravioli
– 125 g buffalo ricotta
– 125 g buffalo mozzarella
– thyme to taste
– tarragon to taste

– 200 g pecorino cheese
– 200/ 220 ml cooking cream


For the lobster bisque: Cut the vegetables into cubes, pan-fry in butter until golden and then add the lobster shells, removing the eyes, feelers, innards and head. Cook over medium/high heat, deglaze with the orange liqueur and add plenty of ice at the end.

For the stuffing: Dehydrate the ricotta and buffalo mozzarella in the oven at 160 degrees for 15 minutes. In the meantime, chop the lobster with a knife (size to personal taste) and mix it with the previously dried cheeses, a drizzle of oil, the flavourings, salt and pepper.

For the fondue: Heat the cream and reduce it slightly to 60 degrees; mix pecorino cheese, remembering to do so away from the heat, until it reaches a consistency, add the isinglass sheet previously soaked in cold water, filter everything and serve at room temperature, more cold than hot.

Cut the radishes finely, bag them with herbs of your choice and a drizzle of seed oil and rest them for one night.

Finish the dish with a drizzle of brown veal stock.

Enjoy your meal!

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