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An Eldorado for water sports: Lake Garda offers many opportunities for sporting activities

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Many people first think of sunshine, beaches and relaxation when they hear the name Lago di Garda. But water sports have a long tradition on the lake, and for sports enthusiasts, the region is synonymous with numerous water sports.

The possibilities for using the lake and its surroundings for sporting activities are almost unlimited. They range from a relaxing swim in the lake and boat trips for sightseeing and relaxing to diving in waters up to 346 metres deep or canyoning. White-water specialists will find a veritable Eldorado for canyoning in the northern region of the lake, with tours at all levels of difficulty.

Lake Garda: an all-rounder for all water sports

However, without a doubt, windsurfing and sailing are the most popular activities on the lake, especially in its northern half. This is because the wind blows very constantly from the 2,000 metre high mountains that surround the lake.

Another popular sporting pleasure is to go swimming in the lake early in the morning. The current water quality of Lake Garda is always of interest to swimmers, and it has been rated “good” to “excellent” for several years, with a lot of work being undertaken to continue improving the quality of the water. Summer is here, and the water temperatures are rising, usually reaching 21 degrees in the southern part of the lake, which is measured, on the shore in Manerba del Garda, not far from the Eden Reserve Hotel & Villas.

Sport boat charter on Lake Garda – with and without skipper

Motorboats and Lake Garda belong together. For many, the most beautiful thing is to cruise on the lake with the breathtaking views in an open motorboat.

Such sports boats can be chartered with or without a skipper from Feltrinelli Nautico in Gargnano on the western shore of Lake Garda, almost within sight of the Hotel Eden Reserve. Cantiere Nautico Feltrinelli, a boat service and shipyard, is considered one of the “motorboat hotspots” in Italy and beyond.

The boat rental company on Lake Garda offers the exclusive boats of the Frauscher brand. These sports boats, from the shipyard in Ohlsdorf in the Austrian Salzkammergut near Lake Traunsee, have an excellent reputation in the international maritime world, and for over 90 years, the shipyard has impressed with innovative ideas and high-precision craftsmanship. Frauscher is known across the globe for its elegant design, creating sleek sports boats together with international design offices. The Frauscher 747 Mirage is already considered a design icon.

Rent a Frauscher 747 Mirage Air, an 858 Phantom Air or the Frauscher 1017 GT from Feltrinelli Nautico and not only enjoy a relaxing day on deck but also the effect of the powerful yet minimalist designs of the sports boats against the Mediterranean backdrop of the shores of Lake Garda. Such a boat trip can also be wonderfully combined with water skiing, another popular sport on Lake Garda.

Lake Garda water sports area: from classic sailing to kite surfing

Fans of the young sport of kitesurfing also love Lake Garda. Its wind resistance makes it an ideal spot for stunt kite pilots, and most surf schools have included the trendy sport of kitesurfing in their programmes. But beware, in the northernmost section of Lake Garda, kite surfing is only possible for a very limited time, typically during the evening hours of the summer months. With windsurfing, wingsurfing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddling, sailing and canoeing all available, there is hardly a water sport that cannot be found on or around Lake Garda.

Canyoning in the mountains around Lake Garda

The steep, alpine mountain slopes around the lake are perfect for canyoning, abseiling, climbing, sliding, swimming and diving – sometimes allowing visitors to do so through crystal-clear waterfalls. Here you can discover a Lake Garda landscape that is only accessible to fans of this team sport. The outdoor fun on northern Lake Garda is best and safest experienced with German-speaking guides, from wild tours for adrenaline junkies to special family-friendly children’s tours.

The fascinating underwater world of Lake Garda: The lake also has a lot to offer beneath its glittering surface.

Lake Garda, one of the clearest lakes in Europe, is a diving destination offering steep walls and grottos, underwater canyons, boat wrecks and an impressive variety of flora and fauna.

The Porto San Nicolò diving zone off Riva del Garda has a depth of up to 40 metres and offers a special surprise at a depth of 15 metres: a two-metre-high statue of Jesus and the remains of a tank from the Second World War! Off the harbour in Lazise, divers can also come across the remains of sunken galleys.

A Venetian-style regatta: Palio delle Bisse

A very special and famous event on Lake Garda is the Palio delle Bisse regatta. Every Saturday in July until the beginning of August, the legendary regattas are held in front of various towns on Lake Garda.

Teams from numerous towns around Lake Garda take part in this “Venetian-style” rowing regatta. The special thing about it is that the rowing is done standing up in unique boats with the goal of capturing the trophy “Bandiera del Lago”, the flag of the lake.

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