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Yoga on Lake Garda – Floating in the Moment at Eden Reserve

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Relaxation, relieving stress, and discovering serenity are classic goals typically associated with holidays and time out. A stay at the Eden Reserve is the perfect basis for this, with relaxation pre-programmed through the charming villas – each one an architectural highlight – located in the picturesque landscape park near Gardone Riviera Sopra.

Those who want to deepen their relaxation and serenity while at the Eden Reserve will find a wonderful opportunity to do something good for themselves with guided yoga and meditation exercises individually adapted to their own requirements and needs.

The yoga teacher, Dr Christin Meyer, has completed her training with the Indian yoga teacher Prashant Pandey and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga with the guests of the resort.

It is important to Christin Meyer to consider the whole person and discuss the respective fitness levels of the participants beforehand. Yoga is always an individual path that needs to be sensitively adapted to each participant. It is not about learning artistic, physical exercises but about combining body and breath in such a way that both are brought into harmony. Then the often quoted flow experience can occur, and this is possible at any age and with any constitution, says Christin Meyer.

Yoga Retreat on Lake Garda: Courses for Beginners and Advanced at Eden Reserve

Yoga expert Christin Meyer is an internationally certified Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teacher who runs a small but exclusive yoga retreat near Eden Reserve.

The yoga teacher, who comes from Germany, offers weekly courses and lessons for beginners and advanced students at Eden Reserve Yoga. The classes are mainly in the style of Vinyasa Yoga, where individual asanas are practised in a calm and flowing sequence.

Vinyasa yoga, which takes up and combines elements of the two yoga styles Hatha and Ashtanga, is also called “meditation in motion”.

Visit the Garda Yoga Retreat in Gardone Riviera

Guests of the Eden Reserve are also invited to attend the yoga retreat run by Dr Christin Meyer. The retreat offers private yoga classes for both individual participants and small groups.

300 metres above Gardone Riviera on the western shore of Lake Garda, very close to the Eden Reserve, yoga expert Christin Meyer has set up her Garda Yoga Retreat. On the large property of an old estate with meadows and forest, there is also an olive grove. That represents a place of peace and quiet to regenerate energy and joie de vivre, says Christin Meyer about the Garda Yoga-Retreat.

An infinity pool and whirlpool offer further opportunities for moments of relaxation – always with a dreamlike view of Lake Garda.

Yoga, Morning Tea, Food & Relax – it’s me time!

Small retreat units start at two and a half hours, such as the “Morning Tea & Yoga” offer: a yoga unit with guided meditation followed by a cosy tea-drinking session with herbs from the garden and a homemade snack. In the “Yoga & Food & Relax” (four hours), the yoga sequence is followed by a homemade vegetarian organic buffet with fresh products from Christin’s garden. If you would like to complement the yoga sessions with a wine tasting or a hike, the Garda Yoga Retreat is the right place for you.

Vinyasa Yoga on Lake Garda – Yoga Asanas in Flow

Christin Meyer has been practising yoga for over 15 years, and teaches Vinyasa Yoga, a variation of Hatha Yoga. In Vinyasa Yoga, the asanas, the defined yoga body postures, are fluidly strung together, and the result is a dynamic, harmonious flow of movement that helps strengthen the entire musculature and increases the conscious awareness of one’s body.

Her training with Prashant Pandey gave her a completely new perspective on yoga and its philosophy. She says the goal of yoga is, in essence, the alleviation of suffering, both on a physical and emotional level. She follows a holistic approach in her retreat, from physical asanas to pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. The exercises often conclude with a yoga nidra journey, a method that leads to complete deep relaxation and is one of the most effective guided meditation techniques on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Wholistic Cooperation of Eden Reserve & Garda Yoga Retreat for Calm and Serenity

The physical proximity of Garda Yoga Retreat and Eden Reserve emphasises the aspect of a relaxed, unwinding stay in the villas and hotel of this exclusive resort. However, in addition to the many sporting or culinary options, Eden Reserve, in cooperation with Garda Yoga Retreat, opens up a wide field of absolute relaxation with yoga techniques that have proven their relevance and effectiveness for centuries. Finding peace with yoga asanas – this is also congenially reflected in the claim and promise of the Eden Reserve: floating in the perfect moment.